What is Machining?

Machining is a process of manufacturing that involves removing material from a workpiece to create a desired shape or size. This process can be done using a variety of cutting tools and machines, including lathes, milling machines, and grinders. Machining is an essential process in the manufacturing of a wide range of products, from small components to large structures. The goal is to produce parts with tight tolerances, smooth finishes, and precise dimensions, often to very exacting specifications.

CNC Machining Reaction Injection Molding


There are many different types of machining operations, each with its own set of techniques and tools. Turning is a machining operation that involves rotating a workpiece while a cutting tool removes material to create a cylindrical shape. Milling involves using a rotating cutter to remove material from a workpiece, typically in a pattern that produces a complex shape. Drilling involves creating holes in a workpiece using a drill bit. Grinding involves using an abrasive wheel to remove material and produce a smooth surface finish.

Machining is an essential process in many industries, including automotive, aerospace, and medical device manufacturing. Precision machining is particularly important in these industries, where parts need to be manufactured to exacting specifications to ensure proper functioning and safety. Processes have continued to evolve over time, with the development of new techniques and tools that allow for even greater precision and efficiency. As technology continues to advance, machining will likely remain a critical component of the manufacturing process for many years to come.


CNC is a production method using computer numerical controlled system. It enables high-speed production of parts with high precision by eliminating the chance of human error. Thus, it provides higher and more constant quality compared to traditional manufacturing methods. CNC machine works in the same way as milling, drilling, turning, threading and reaming processes. It provides lower lead time and professional product quality at wide time.

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