Topology Optimization

What is Topology Optimization?

Topology optimization is a computer-controlled process to calculate an object’s optimal shape. For this, the software discretizes a domain into individuals. A practical example is a programme that finds the strongest possible structure with a given volume of material in a rough design space. Decide yourself depending on your company’s goal with this optimization.

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How to process Topology Optimization?

Starting the process of topology optimization, the software needs a rough design with remarkable points. When optimizing a shape, the program computes its function and constraints on an element level. Besides, it discretized the object’s structure and simulates it with finite elements. Then, it calculates a new density distribution which is called “guess structure” for the next iteration. The computer repeats this process until the density distribution changes to an optimum. The resulting data can be 3D printed or manufactured with any other method in our portfolio. See our engineering services for deeper insights into our offered services.

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  • Long-term savings in material and manufacturing costs
  • Reduces design iterations
  • Practice experience is not necessary, because a computational system develops the optimal structure
  • Thanks to additive manufacturing, the design is not constraint concerning geometrics

Critical factors considering Topology Optimization

  • In performance-based Optimization, the weight reduction can be smaller compared to other techniques
  • Challenge for engineers when converting the obtained solution into CAD data. It might be complicated to fabricate real parts.
  • Can be solved by using our value-added services
  • Executing engineers need to be familiar with the complexity of the programs and the process.
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