Ultimaker Cura 5.0

Ultimaker has announced the latest version of Cura: Cura 5.0! The new version offers a lot of advantages such as higher print quality with finer details and stronger part production in less time.

The slicing engine is the most important part of the software. As it is known, a slicing engine is what transforms a 3D model into G-code and prepares it to be printed. Ultimaker 5.0 offers a new slicing engine with an important feature: variable line width. Sliced files used to use a consistent line width that depends on the nozzle diameter and the setting. Basically, if less noticeable lines are desired, a smaller nozzle was used and vice versa. So, if part of the print was two and a half lines thick, two lines would occur which led to a gap between them. This resulted in errors and inconsistent lines, and thus there were many gaps in a printed part. Because of this, printing took a much longer time and caused vibrations and noise.

Cura 5.0 offers a new slicing engine that unlocks variable line widths. The extremely fine details used to be omitted by the slicer as it was not possible to print them successfully. Ultimaker Cura 5.0 solves this problem with its new slicing engine. In the new version, the width of lines is adjusted, so there are no uneven lines. As a result, parts are much stronger and have finer details. Furthermore, thanks to increased toolpath efficiency, print time also improved. The new slicing engine allows us to improve print profiles, thus printing them faster. Printing time can now be reduced up to 20%. Also, there are fewer gaps between the lines as they are increased and are thinner, giving way to stronger parts.

To find out more, watch the recent Ultimaker showcase where Ultimaker Cura 5.0 was announced: Ultimaker

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