VACUUM CASTING Stage 5: Finishing

Stage 5: Finishing

During the #VacCasting process, we use certain components which help #resin to fill the mould perfectly. The main reason why this has to be done is because we must prevent potential problems from occurring; such as bubbles, bowing or sagging. These components include Feed, Sprue, Runners and Risers, which are only some of them. Besides, these components have also been cured in the mould alongside the part. So, following the demoulding process, these components need to be cleared in order to acquire the part. As PLG Engineering, we have #expert personnel to carry out this delicate process. Our personnel use advanced tools and #professional equipment so as to remove these integrants from the part. After the components are removed from the part smoothly, we have the exact copy of the part we have moulded.

Last but not least, some #PostProcessing is required. At this point, the replica of the part needs to be prepared according to our customer’s requirements. This means getting ready for putting the final touch to the part to give it a cosmetic look. Furthermore, the part may need these finishing touches in order to acquire a smoother surface quality, to obtain the right geometrics or for any other specification that our customer has demanded. Post-processing may also include polishing and/or painting the model. Our expert personnel are able to carry out all these processes according to what a certain part needs specifically.
Consequently, Vacuum Casting is a very cost-efficient method and it is highly preferred in rapid prototyping processes when it comes to producing challenging and delicate parts. It is widely used in industries such as consumer goods, electronics, automotive, aerospace and many more. Vacuum Casting allows you to produce parts with high precision, which is considered to be the number one benefit of it along with its cost-efficiency.

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